Archives for March 2013

Employee Morale: Progress Cake

Interested in a way to raise employee motivation? Rewarding the progress of one employee with a -Progress Cake- is motivating to everyone.

Employee Morale: April is Cultural Diversity Appreciation Month

It’s no secret that appreciating cultural diversity can raise employee morale. Here are some activity ideas for you this month.

Stop Complainers and Energy Drainers from Lowering Employee Morale

Do you want to raise employee morale in a negative workplace? Learn how to stop chronic complainers from taking time, energy, and joy out of work.

Employee Morale: Employee Recipe Books Make Delicious Gifts

This employee morale booster is a hunger-buster. Have employees contribute recipes for a recipe book. It gives employees recognition and makes a great gift or fundraiser.

Employee Morale: Workplace Treasure Hunt Gets Employees to Work Early

Are you interested in an exciting way to raise employee morale? Energize and engage employees with a workplace treasure hunt.