Archives for April 2013

Employee Morale: Spring Flower Parade

Here’s a blooming employee morale raising idea. Have a Spring Flower Parade in your workplace to brighten up the atmosphere and employees’ workdays.

5 Ways to Keep Employee Morale and Productivity Up When Tragedy Strikes

How to lower employee stress during a crisis. Here are 5 ways to help employees deal with their negative emotions and be productive during difficult times.

Employee Morale: May is Workplace Relationships Enrichment Month

Now is a good time to build employee morale. Here are some ideas to help enrich workplace relationships this month.

Employee Morale: Give Employees an Opportunity to Brag

Do you want an employee morale booster you can show off? Have employees can turn in a -Brag Sheet- of accomplishments for recognition and motivating others.

Three No-Cost Ways to Appreciate Employees during Administrative Professionals Week

Easy ways for employee recognition during Administrative Professionals Week. Give three things they will treasure for a lifetime, without spending money.

Employee Morale: Chili Cook-off

How about a hot and spicy employee morale booster? A chili cook-off gets employees together in a fun setting, and it doesn’t cost a lot of money.

Employee Morale: Workplace Miniature Golf

Searching for the right course for raising employee morale? Workplace Miniature Golf is a fun and creative activity that creates a lot of teamwork.