About Our Company

Harriet Meyerson is the founder and president of ConfidenceCenter.com. The company was founded in 1991. Harriet helps workplace leaders build their confidence and give them the tools, skills and strategies to create a workplace with a positive atmosphere where employees are happy, motivated, have a positive attitude and get along with each other. She does this with learning resources that she developed which can be accessed from the internet. Among her most popular resources are:

  • Employee Morale Center
  • Employee Success Toolkit
  • Leadership Confidence
  • Today’s Teens – Tomorrow’s Leaders (Instructors Center for teachers who want to teach a teen leadership course.)

How it Started

Harriet, a former teacher, went to a Zig Ziglar “Born to Win Seminar” in 1989 and got “turned on” to positive thinking. She started reading books, listening to audios and going to seminars on positive thinking and personal development. Soon she started seeing changes in her own life, and the “teacher” in her decided to develop workshops on building confidence, handling stress, relationships, conquering fears, etc.

A participant asked, “Can you come to my workplace?”

It wasn’t long before her workshop participants asked, “Can you come to my workplace and talk about…?” And, it was heartwarming to Harriet when one participant said, “The VP came up to me today and complimented me on my leadership potential.” and another said “Because of your workshop I had the courage to give my presentation at work, and everyone said I did great.”

One day Harriet received a call from the owner of a small real estate company who wanted to consult with her on how to motivate their sales staff.

Harriet asked, “What are you doing now to motivate them?” and the owner replied,

She replied, “We have a breakfast every month for salespeople who meet their quota. But we haven’t met our quota in a long time, so we haven’t had any breakfasts recently.”

Harriet told her, ” You need to raise morale for your sales people first, and then they will have the motivation meet their quotas.”

That’s when Harriet developed her Employee Morale Program

The manager of another company, a large call center, wanted Harriet to motivate their call center staff. They had such a bad problem with absenteeism that they had to hire additional employees because they knew that a certain number of their employees would not show up for work each day. There was a lot of negativity, and the atmosphere was dreary. Harriet needed to test pilot her employee morale program so it seemed like a perfect match, and they agreed to do her whole employee morale program. The results were nothing short of amazing!

They created Spirit Teams, and all their employees got engaged and involved. They decorated the dreary workplace for monthly holidays. There was positive energy and enthusiasm in the atmosphere. The best part… Absenteeism became almost non-existent because nobody wanted to miss out on all the fun.

This success and the success of many other companies led to the development of the Employee Morale Center, an online membership website for employee morale where HR managers and supervisors can find everything they need in one place to create happy, energized and motivated employees.

Harriet also realized that employees don’t have time for personal development when they get home from work. There are the kids to take care of, dinner to make, and life gets very busy. If they were going to learn communication skills, how to handle stress, how to think positively, how to get along with difficult people, etc. those skills needed to be taught in the workplace. And those skills would benefit the company who would be  developing more effective employees.

That is when Harriet developed the Employee Success Toolkit

To create the Employee Success Toolkit, Harriet interviewed over 70 experts in the important human skills such as communication, relationships, positive thinking, diversity, stress, goal setting, overcoming procrastination, etc., and developed a 13 lesson course for supervisors to give to their employees over the course of a year. That way, everyone could learn together and employees could “Live their Learning.”

Teen Leadership Skills

Harriet was contacted by a private school who wanted to have a leadership camp in the summer for junior high and high school students that would be based on skills they would need to become leaders in the workplace. Harriet taught that class during the summer and then on subsequent summers at Southern Methodist University’s summer youth program. After writing about it on her website, she was contacted by several teachers and youth group leaders for help in developing a leadership program.

That’s when Harriet developed the Today’s Teens – Tomorrow’s Leaders Instructor’s Manual

She made the lesson plans interactive to keep the students engaged, and also easy for the teachers to present. Since that time thousands of young people all over the world have taken the teen leadership course let by their teachers.

In a nutshell…

So, that in a nutshell is about our company and Harriet Meyerson. If you would like more information about our products or services, please contact us.

Oh, one more thing. If you want to read about how Harriet developed confidence while learning to ski, read about it here.