Communication: How to Use Personal Stories to Motivate Employees

Did you know you can use personal stories in the workplace to motivate employees. The story “The Puppy that Stole Our Hearts” demonstrates how to improve communication by using personal stories in the workplace.

5 Body Language Secrets that Improve Workplace Communication

Is your communication as good as you think? Or is your body language sabotaging your relationships? This article explains why body language makes a big impact, and reveals 5 body language secrets to help you have successful workplace communication.

The Most Important Communication Skill for Effective Workplace Communication

If you are a supervisor or manager, do you know the most important communication secret for connecting with your employees? Entertainers and professional speakers know that the secret of connecting with their audiences is through eye contact. As a workplace supervisor or manager, you too, can be more effective by practicing eye contact skills. Here’s why.

Communication: Ask For Something Without Fear of Rejection

Do you have the communication skills to overcome rejection? Learn how to practice asking for what you want to handle the fears of rejection. Are you afraid to ask for what you want because you are afraid of being turned down? This fear of rejection is very self- defeating because you will miss out on a lot of things that you might have gotten if you only had the courage to ask. How do you overcome fear of asking for things? Just have employees follow these simple steps of the broken record technique to handle their fears of rejection.