Valentine Morale Booster Activity for the Workplace that’s Easy, Low-Cost and Fun

Valentines Day is a wonderful time to improve employee relationships. This activity takes very little time or money and makes for a fun week where employees get to – be a kid again. Fun morale boosters like this one show that your company wants employees to be happy and work in a positive workplace atmosphere.

Communication: How to Use Personal Stories to Motivate Employees

Did you know you can use personal stories in the workplace to motivate employees. The story “The Puppy that Stole Our Hearts” demonstrates how to improve communication by using personal stories in the workplace.

This “Silly” Employee Morale Booster Gets Serious Results at Meetings

Are your company meetings dull, leaving employees complacent or distracted? Sometimes all it takes is one simple morale booster to get things going. With this creative morale booster, instant laughter gets people’s attention, and creates positive energy.

As you are most likely aware, meetings can be boring, and your employees can be easily distracted with their own thoughts, or their cell phones, etc. If you want to get your agenda accomplished, you need to keep their attention. The best way to do this is with humor. Laughter leads to learning and accomplishing, and employees don’t want to miss out on the fun.

Employee Morale: How to Create Contagious Smiles at Work

Is negativity destroying employee morale at your workplace? Try this simple way to spread positive energy. Emotions are contagious. That is why a negative employee can have an adverse affect on all your employees, just like the bad apple in a barrel.

The easiest way to change the workplace atmosphere into a positive one is to have happy employees spread positive emotions.

August is Happiness Happens Month: 3 Easy Happiness Strategies that Work

People say they want to be happy. But then, what do they do? They allow negativity, worry, and unpleasantness to enter into their day-to-day experiences. Since August is Happiness Happens Month, here are 3 happiness strategies that can help you avoid the negativity and make you feel happy all day. The results will be better relationships in your personal life and higher employee morale at work.

Workplace Relationships: Get “Lone Wolves” Involved in Teamwork

Do you have a person on your work team that prefers to work alone rather than with the rest of the team? Many work projects require teamwork. However, your team may have a “Lone Wolf” in its midst. It is difficult for some people who are used to working alone to switch to “running with the pack” and this can create conflict. However, you can work it out with “lone wolves” to help make the team successful.

The 7 Key Areas of Employee Morale and Their Impact on Your Company

Isn’t it time you alleviated the causes of low morale at your company? Adding morale boosting activities into the structure your company already has is the solution. It’s important to discover the causes of low employee morale at your company, because it’s probably costing your company a lot of money. This article will explain how to rate employee morale in 7 key areas.

How Your Employees Can Have More Money Without Getting a Raise

Here are some practical tips your employees can use to manage their money so they will feel like they got a raise – without actually getting one. Employee morale suffers when employees are strapped for money. Your employees probably want a raise, and they may deserve it, however your company budget may also be stretched to the limit. Share these tips with your employees and soon they will feel like they got a raise without actually getting one. What’s more, it will build their confidence and make them feel empowered.

8 Ways to Lower Work Stress

Don’t let stressful work situations drain your employees’ energy. There are so many situations that cause stress in the workplace, and different people are affected differently. Some people may be stressed by a situation that doesn’t bother another one. Have your employees take these 8 important steps to lower their stress and have happier, more productive workdays.

Want to Raise Employees’ Motivation? 80% of Employees Say It’s Not the Money!

Would you like to learn how to keep employees motivated and without spending a lot of money? What do you think motivates the average person in their career? 80% of people say the answer is not money.

This article Is a review of the infographic about employee motivation and what you can do to keep employees motivated.