Employee Morale: Brag Time

Raise employee morale by showing off your employees. Have a “Brag Time” at the next meeting for your employees to list a personal accomplishment to everyone.

ConfidenceCenter.com’s Weekly Newsletter – October 21, 2014

Word and Quote of the Week

*** Habits ***

*** “We first make our habits, and then our habits make us.” -John Dryden

Trivia Question of the Week

Q. What color are Bart Simpson’s shorts? (Answer at the end of this newsletter.)

Employee Morale

Brag Time

At the beginning of your next staff meeting, give each employee a Brag Sheet on which to write something they have accomplished, either at work or in their personal life. Give employees a few minutes to write their -Brags- and turn them in.

Then, at an appropriate time during the meeting, read the brag sheets with enthusiasm and applaud after each one.

Listening to other people’s accomplishments is so motivating because people think, “If she can do that, I can too.”

If you do this regularly at your staff meetings, employees will strive to do something they can brag about. To encourage participation, let everyone who turns in a -brag sheet- participate in a drawing for a small prize.

Answer to This Week’s Trivia Question

Q. What color are Bart Simpson’s shorts?

A. Blue

Joke of the Week

One dark night my four-year-old brother, Darren, watched a plane moving across a clear sky. As it disappeared, he heaved a relieved sigh and said: “Whew! I’m sure never gonna be a pilot!”

Surprised, Mom asked, “Why not?”

“Do you realize‚”Darren replied wisely, “how hard it would be to steer around all those stars?”


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