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Our nation and our world needs to develop new leaders for the future. We need innovative and creative leaders in our businesses, communities and in countries around the world.

The industries of tomorrow, and the people to lead them, depend on what we do now to teach and inspire young people to entrepreneurship.

Our youth will be those leaders.
We need to teach them how to lead with competence and integrity.

ConfidenceCenter.Com is striving to raise awareness that our future depends on teaching our youth leadership skills.

Junior Achievement inspires students from kindergarten through high school to develop competitive skills and confidence by actually going into the schools and teaching their courses. Their success bolsters the local workforce and contributes to economic growth.

To further this cause, ConfidenceCenter.com has chosen to sponsor Junior Achievement by giving a portion of our sales to JA, because they have a successful history of promoting entrepreneurship and leadership since 1920.

We also chose Junior Achievement because our own leadership program, Today's Teens - Tomorrow's Leaders compliments what Junior Achievement teaches.

Therefore, a portion of our proceeds will be donated to Junior Achievement every year.

Please watch the video and read the letters and information below to learn more about how Junior Achievement is impacting young people. You can learn more about Junior Achievement by visiting their web site.

I recently volunteered at Junior Achievement's Finance Park, a full day experiential financial education activity on budgeting - teaching teens how to budget... in the real world. You can see the photos and information from it below. It was a wonderful experience, and I recommend that your company send employees to volunteer at your local Junior Achievement chapter.

Best regards,

Harriet Meyerson

Harriet Meyerson
Founder of ConfidenceCenter.com

My recent volunteer experience at the
Junior Achievement Finance Park

Recently I had the opportunity to see first hand what Junior Achievement is doing to foster financial success in young people. I volunteered to help at their day-long Finance Park facility in Dallas, Texas.

Finance Park helps teens understand how families need to budget for a lot of different expenses. The day-long activity gives teens the opportunity to budget for a pretend family.

It also helps teens understand that education is important if they want to have an income that will provide the things they want for their own future families.

Most teens are amazed at the variety of needs a family has. Here are some of the photos and a brief explanation of the day's events.

Harriet Meyerson and Dhriti Pandya visit Junior Achievement Finance Park

Getting Acquainted

Harriet Meyerson gets a tour of Junior Achievement's Finance Park from Dhriti Pandya, Senior Development Manager of Junior Achievement in Dallas, Texas.

Dhriti encouraged me to volunteer at Finance Park. A one-day commitment was easy to fit into my busy schedule.

As a former teacher, and now an entrepreneur who promotes teen and workplace leadership, I was excited about working with youth to help them become more financially responsible.

Every school day a different group of approximately 80 students go to Junior Achievement's Finance Park, so there is a lot of need for volunteers.

Students are encouraged to share their experience with their parents.

Junior Achievement Finance Park

Students are Assigned a Family Scenario

At the Finance Park, Middle school students learned to create a budget.

Each student was assigned a different "pretend" family scenario that they have to budget for such as:

* A married man with an annual salary of $52,000 and 2 children,

* a single parent with an annual salary of $31,000 and 1 child, etc.

Each volunteer was assigned a table of 5 students to help. (My table had four boys and one girl.)

Students were equipped with calculators and budget forms, a pencil, and the most important thing - an eraser so they could rework their budget when they spent too much.

Junior Achievement - Students purchase household needs.

Students Create Budgets and Buy Household Needs

First, students went into the Finance Park to get a form for each household expense with choices suited to their family scenario.

Then they went back to their tables to create the budget for their assigned family scenario.

Then they returned to the Finance Park to "purchase" household needs.

Each kiosk features a different household expense. Students budgeted for a house, car, insurance, groceries, dining out, clothing, entertainment, utilities, home improvement, charitable giving, savings, etc.

It is an eye opener as students realize all the expenses that go into living an adult life.

Junior Achievement - Transportation Kiosk

Teens budget and pay for "Transportation" and "Utilities"

Junior Achievement - Groceries Kiosk

Teens budget and pay for "Entertainment" and "Groceries"

Junior Achievement - Home Improvement Kiosk

Teens budget and pay for
"Home Improvement"

"Thank You" from Junior Achievement for our 2013 donation

Junior Achievement Letter to Confidence Center 2013

"Thank You" from Junior Achievement for our 2012 donation

Junior Achievement Thank You Letter to Confidence Center


Junior Achievement 2012 Student of the year


This video is an inspiring speech from the
Dallas, Texas Junior Achievement 2012 Student of the Year.

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