Stress Busters Seminar

Part Of The Creating Confidence Seminar Series

Stress Busters

How To Have Peace Of Mind When Everything Gets Crazy

Stress can be immobilizing, keeping you from thinking clearly and acting rationally. When you are stressed you feel miserable, you're not as productive as you can be, and you can make costly mistakes.

Who should attend this program?

  • All Employees
  • Managers and Supervisors
  • Human resource personnel
  • Teachers

Key Benefits

[Bullet] Stay productive under stress
[Bullet] Detach from the situation
[Bullet] Create a peaceful environment in the midst of chaos
[Bullet] Be able to see the humor in your stressful situation
[Bullet] Have a clear mind and feel peaceful inside

Seminar Agenda

PEACE - A word to lower your stress
• How to use the word PEACE to actually create it.
• Why you should have "peace of mind" as your main goal.
Evaluate your situation
• Evaluate what your stresses are
• What expectations lead to peace of mind
• How you can change your perspective and see things more peacefully
• How you can change the results you are getting by reacting differently
Actions you can take
• How to look for the humor in the stressful situation
• How to create a safe haven from stress in your mind
• How to use a stress buster journal
• How to change stressful words to peaceful words
When to go for counseling
• Why counseling works
• How support groups can help you create peace of mind
• How to use professional and educational associations to enrich and energize your life as well as create a support system away from the stressful situation
How to enjoy life in spite of the stress
• Why finding joy in life is essential to peace of mind
• How having fun helps relieve the stress
• How to have a life or your own without feeling guilty

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What participants say about Harriet Meyerson's presentation of Stress Busters . . .

"It helped me see a different perspective."

"I enjoyed it very much. It should be required of all managers."

"The seminar was well presented. Many useful tips."

"Very relaxing and refreshing. The tools will be very helpful."

"I liked the CANCEL idea for negative input, and the journal is a great way to keep things in perspective."

"The career development participants at UT Southwestern Medical Center have raved over the benefits that they received from the Stress Buster seminar. Thanks for an outstanding presentation."

Betty Young, Coordinator, Career Development Program, UT Southwestern Medical Center

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How to attend a "Stress Buster" seminar

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Our special "Train The Trainer" program allows your trainer to give this seminar to your employees.

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