Conquer Your Fears Seminar

Part Of The Creating Confidence Seminar Series

Create the courage to act - in spite of your fears

Fear can immobilize you and keep you from fulfilling your dreams. You don't need to give fear that much power over you. You can get acquainted with your fears and learn to manage them. As a result you will be able to do the things you really want to do and find more joy, fulfillment, and adventure in life.

Who should attend this program?

  • All Employees
  • Managers and Supervisors
  • Human resource personnel
  • Teachers and principals

Key Benefits

[Bullet] Gather the courage to act in spite of your fears
[Bullet] Allow fear to help you rather than immobilize you
[Bullet] Reduce the power fear has over you
[Bullet] Less anxiety and stress
[Bullet] Life becomes an exciting adventure

Seminar Agenda

What causes your fears
• How you can really connect with people and stay connected
• How you can get others to trust you
• How you can be sure they heard what you really meant to say
Make friends with fear
• How to use the two magic words that energize your relationships
• Creative ways to show appreciation
• How to show appreciation to difficult people
Discover your inner courage
• Why it's important to find time for fun in both work and personal relationships
• How you can enrich your relationship with magical moments
• Planning fun times with others can create the joy of anticipation
• Expanding your interests can help you develop new relationships
Take risks
• What your smile means to others
• The trick of getting others to listen to you
• Who talks first? Should it be you?
• What do different tones of voice mean?
• How to use eye contact to capture attention
• How to show empathy, not sympathy
Make your life an exciting adventure
• Four magic words that will diffuse any argument
• How to state your ideas or opinions so that the other person won't get defensive
• How to work out a compromise that works for both of you

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What participants say about Harriet Meyerson's presentation of Conquer Your Fears . . .

"I was helped by listening to everyone's problems and their willingness to share ideas. I liked the presenters sincerity and her ability to let you know you're not alone. She was warm and friendly."

"I found courage I didn't know I had by focusing on a time in my life when I was most confident"

"The day after the workshop I thought about all the things that could be improved at work. I made a list and showed it to my supervisor even though I was afraid he might be upset. Instead, he told me to implement the changes. The best part was that the vice-president of the company came by my desk, complimented me, and told me I had leadership potential."

"I am in sales and had been in a slump. The week after attending this seminar I had the courage to speak to a prospect that I had avoided before because I was afraid of being rejected. He not only met with me, I landed a big account."

"The visualization techniques and making friends with fear are going to help me make some positive changes in my life."

"By examining my fears, I found some things I didn't really have to be afraid of. I have a new perspective on fear."

"I liked the part about taking little risks to get out of your comfort zone. I learned a lot of things I can do to build my courage."

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How to attend a "Conquer Your Fears" seminar

* For Information and a seminar schedule send an E-mail request to or call (800) 544-4011.

In house seminars are customized to your company, or you may attend one of our public seminars and gather additional ideas from many participants.

Our special "Train The Trainer" program allows your trainer to give this seminar to your employees.

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