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I bet you’ve heard the saying…

“It’s lonely at the top.”

The truth is that it can feel lonely and frustrating any where on your career path when you aren’t getting the results you want.

Are you a supervisor or manager that:

  • Has time management challenges?

  • Has problems dealing with difficult employees?

  • Wants to motivate your people to be more productive?

Are you a senior executive that:

  • Is in a role that no longer challenges you?

  • Needs some work/life balance?

  • Wants to get better at developing your people?

Are you an employee who:

  • Has trouble getting along with co-workers or managers?
  • Is frustrated because your ideas and contributions don’t get acknowledged?
  • Would like to make a better impression on management in order to advance your career?

    If, you don’t know what to do next…
    Or, know what to do but can’t make yourself do it…
    then - Personalized, Professional Coaching - could be for you!

Meet the Confidence Center Coach - Julie Overholt

Julie Overholt  - picture


Julie Overholt is dedicated to helping her clients develop their “business and life success skills.” She has consistently motivated and inspired her clients while developing her own model of excellence.

(You can sign up for a free coaching session with Julie - see information at the bottom of this page.)

Julie's Credentials include:

  • Professional Certified Coach
  • Graduate of Coach University
  • Certified NLP Practitioner
  • Certified Behavioral Analyst
  • Member of Graduate School of Coaching
  • Certified Facilitator for Legacy Leadership Institute
  • BA in Communication

Julie Overholt is recognized for her expertise in designing innovative life strategies that support corporate professionals in both personal and career success. Her high-touch skills around language and “finding the simple solution within a complex situation” help clients identify and develop their natural strengths.

Julie's Partial Client list includes: Johnson & Johnson, ExxonMobil, Thomson/DBM, MBNA, Prudential, Romaco, Frito-Lay, Travelocity and many small/medium sized businesses.

Julie is a regular contributor on career and life issues for the Ft. Worth Star Telegram, Texas Technology and California Technology. She was the featured career coach in a makeover story in the January, 2003 issue of Men’s Health and in the August, 20004 issue of Entrepreneur Magazine.

What is personalized, professional coaching?

Coaching builds both your business and life skills. It is a creative and collaborative process that:

  • Gets you out of “thinking” and into “doing.”
  • Helps you identify and define your individual strengths and create a strategy for success.
  • Facilitates self-acceptance and confidence.
  • Brings focus, energy and perspective to support your success.

Coaching is a partnership, a structured process that guides you through transition, as well as business and/or personal growth.  

Julie is part mentor, part motivator. She helps you create solutions, discover your own inner power and intuition, and shares her experience and wisdom with you.

Working with Julie, you get personalized guidance in unlocking your own potential. Together you work to discover and create the future you want.

Julie says this about Coaching:

Each coaching engagement is customized to meet my client’s situation, goals and schedule. Coaching sessions are arranged in advance with “just-in-time” calls that support them.”

“It would be nice if finding solutions to our career and life challenges could be found in a book.

The truth is that information slows us down (we need time to process it) while inspiration speeds us up!








What Areas Are Helped With Coaching?


  • Coaching can help build your confidence.

  • If you are a supervisor, performance coaching can help you become a better leader.

  • If you an employee, coaching can improve your performance and help you achieve success

  • You can learn how to deal with difficult people co-workers and customers under the caring guidance of a coach.

Personal & Family Life

  • Improve your social life

  • Improve your family relationships

  • Create a fulfilling and exciting life

  • Expand your horizons

Specifically, coaching helps you to:

Become clear about your goals

Gain perspective about what's blocking you from achieving your goals

Design and follow-through on a concrete strategy and a realistic action plan

Feel validated when you're discovering and creating new things and making important decisions

Learn new skills that can help you create a firm foundation

Create a structure to help you reach your goals faster

Brainstorm solutions to difficult problems

Create abundance in all areas of your life

Reduce stress

Improve performance in specific areas at work

Build your confidence in all areas of your life
Create more than a "better life" . create a GREAT life!

Stop Spinning Your Wheels!

If you're ready to make changes in your life but feel "stuck" and need help moving forward, then a coach is for you!  Our coach, Julie, helps you discover the beliefs and thoughts that limit you in realizing your full potential, then helps you create a plan to help you advance to a better work and personal life.  

How does professional coaching work?

Your coaching experience begins with a free telephone consultation with Julie. Together you will take a look at:

  • Your current situation
  • What is and isn’t working for you
  • The impact of doing something differently
  • Possible solutions

From this initial action, you’ll get more clarity about what you can do that will have an immediate impact in your results. You will be able to see for yourself if a coaching relationship will give you the motivation and guidance you’re looking for.

In each session, you'll focus on one or more areas in your work or life where you want to change and grow. Julie is equipped with tools and assessments to help you discover where you want to go, what's blocking you, and how to create your future. Some of these tools you'll do in your phone conversations; some you'll do on your own as "homework."

In order for coaching to be beneficial, a commitment of time is necessary. Coaching sessions can be booked in 1-month and 2-month increments. But, before you commit to any paid coaching, you will have one FREE coaching session. This will help you decide if coaching is for you without any risk.

All coaching services provided will be in alignment with the following professional coaching guidelines:

"A Coach believes in the dignity and integrity of every human being and is committed to eliciting the inherent capability and resourcefulness of every individual.

A Coach pursues, through an interactive process, the development of client-designed strategies and solutions, which move the client toward the rapid attainment of his or her goals.

A Coach is respectful and protective of the vulnerability of each client, while constructively holding the client to a high standard of self-responsibility and accountability.

The Coach maintains an objectivity and competence where she claims it and practices in the best interests of the client, the community and society."

- International Coach Federation

What Julie's Coaching Clients Are Saying:

“I met Julie at a networking event. She was talking about how important it is for professionals today to have a stable network of people outside of their own company to leverage their careers. I hired Julie to help me build my own network. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent on my career!”
Mike I.

“After twenty years of being a loyal soldier for my company they merged with another organization and my visibility dropped off the radar screen. My self-esteem cratered and I lost confidence in myself. A friend recommended that I hire Julie to help me get back on track and move on with another company. If it wasn’t for the work I did with Julie, I wouldn’t have the great life I have today.”
David B.

“I am very successful in my career but for years couldn’t crack the six-figure income ceiling. Julie helped me focus on what is really important for me to do and delegate the things that aren’t. I stopped making excuses and that helped me reach my goal.”
Nancy H.

“I love my job but wanted to get more recognition from my industry peers for the contributions that I made at work. I hired Julie and within three months was elected to become our industry association president. I attribute this honor directly to the work that I did with Julie…..Thank you”
Debra S..

Are You Ready for Coaching?

When trying to decide if you are ready for coaching, ask yourself these questions:
1. What would I like to create in my life?

2. Am I open to trying new ideas instead of continuing to do the things that have not worked in the past?

3. Am I ready to take action on the things in my life that I'd like to be, have, or do?

4. Am I willing to do the homework that my coach assigns me each week?

5. Am I willing to make the time commitment necessary to make each coaching appointment, without distractions during the session?

6. Am I willing to stop or change self-defeating behaviors and/or limiting beliefs?

7. Am I ready to accept responsibility for my success and happiness in life and not expect my coach to fix the problems for me?

8. Am I ready to set both major and minor goals, and work towards them in a consistent manner?  

Don't lose another day, living a life you're not happy with ... at work or in your personal life!

Whether you're thinking about moving forward in your career, writing a book, or starting a family, it's time to abandon your fears and start taking steps to live your dreams.  Challenge yourself to start making some of the life changes that you've been putting off.  

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After your free introductory session you decide whether or not you want to continue your coaching experience.

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