Creating Confidence

Seminar Series

4 Session Course

Can Be Customized to Meet Your Group's Needs

The Creating Confidence Course

It's all about YOU

  • Go For YOUR Dreams

  • Improve YOUR Relationships

  • Lower YOUR Stress

  • Overcome YOUR Fears

  • Manage YOUR Time

  • Be Happy and Have More Fun

How the course works

  1. You form your own group of from 6-25 people. If a group is not available, or if you prefer private sessions you may take the course with one-on-one Confidence Coaching (by telephone with a coach) Click here for details.
  2. The class will meet for three hours once a week for four weeks at a time that is convenient for your group. Sessions may also be scheduled 2 -4 weeks apart if you prefer.
  3. You will fill out an e-mail pre-course questionnaire to help us understand and meet your needs.
  4. Groups are limited to 25 participants for individual attention.
  5. After all four lessons are completed you will receive a certificate of completion for the Creating Confidence Course. This certificite has many benefits. Showing this on job interviews or during employee annual reviews displays your intention to learn and become successful. It also displays leadership potential.

Who should take this course?

  • Individuals who want to build their confidence and become successful in their careers and personal lives.
  • Managers, employees, college students, and career oriented teens can all benefit from this course

Key Benefits

[Bullet] 1. Learn proven success strategies.
[Bullet] 2. Interactive - Your interaction with the group helps you develop your skills.
[Bullet] 3. Focused - Lessons are structured in the order you need to learn them for success.
[Bullet] 4. Individual Attention - Because of the small group size (Limited to 15) the sessions can meet your particular needs.
[Bullet] 5. Free use of our audio tape library - each participant may borrow a six cassette tap album each week
[Bullet] 6. Motivation - Get encouragement from the group as you make progress on your goals
[Bullet] 7. Certificate of completion

Creating Confidence Course Agenda

Lesson #1 Going For Your Dreams
• How to achieve balance your life
• How to visualize your dreams
• How to break your dreams down into step-by-step goals
• How to record and reward your progress
• How to keep a positive attitude when faced with obsticles
• How and when to review and adjust your goals
• How to manage your time
Lesson #2 Building Your Confidence
• Learn three easy steps to developing the confidence you need for success
• How to believe in yourself and feel good about yourself
• How to utilize your unique qualities to bring you success
• How to get others to give you encouragement
• How to create inner courage and conquer your fears
• How to be happy and have more fun
Lesson #3 Lowering Your Stress
• Discover what causes stress
• Uncover your unique stressors
• Start a stress buster journal
• How to use humor to alieviate stress
• How to look at your situation from a different perspective
• How to find peace of mind during stressful situations
Lesson #4 Improving Your Relationships
• Learn nine magic words that instantly improve any relationship
• Learn the seven "C's" of communication.
• Learn five conversation secrets
• How to use eye contact to capture attention
• How tone of voice and body language can enhance or destroy your relationships
• Learn the four different personality types and how to deal with each one
• Discover your own personality type
• How to state your ideas or opinions so that others won't get defensive
• How to deal with angry people

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* Four session workshop style course
* Workbooks and materials
* 30 days free telephone or email follow-up support
* Small group setting - limited to 25 participants for personal attention
* Certificate of completion
* Early morning coffee or tea and muffins

If you are not totally thrilled with the course we will refund your total tuition. No Questions Asked. You simply can't lose.

$297 per participant for the four session course - includes all materials

Just form your own group of from 6 - 25 people, and we will set a time and location convenient for you. (Travel expenses are added for seminars outside of Dallas, TX)


(Pay by Visa, MC, AE, Discover, or by check payable to The confidence Center.)
1. Copy form below and
E-mail to:
2. PHONE your information to 214-373-0080 or 800-544-4011
3. FAX your information to 214-373-4310
4. MAIL your information to:
Harriet Meyerson,
The Confidence Center
10807 Larkglen Circle
Dallas, TX 75230



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How to enroll in the Creating Confidence Course

*Tuition Fee for the 4 week interactive course, is $297 includes all materials

Just form your own group of from 6 - 25 people, and we will set a time and location convenient for you. (Travel expenses are added for seminars outside of Dallas, TX)

Pay by Visa, MC, AE, or check payable to The confidence Center.

RISK FREE GUARANTEE: If after completing the course you are not totally thrilled with what you have learned we will refund your total tuition. No Questions Asked. You simply can't lose.

* For more information send an E-mail request to

or call (800) 544-4011 - (214) 373-0080 in Dallas, TX.

This course is compiled from the following workshops: The Secrets Of Self-Confidence, Conquer Your Fears, Stress Busters, & Relationship Magic

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