Managing Work Expectations

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The Managing Work Expectations/Transforming Attitudes Assessment Workbook can be used for individual employee assessment.

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A Personal Learning Guide to Increasing Commitment and Job Satisfaction.

Work expectations are those things people consider likely to happen in their job situation, either now or in the future.

Whether spoken or unspoken, met or unmet, expectations have a powerful impact on our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and play a key role in driving our attitudes.

Research shows that people who have clearly defined, well-communicated expectations find more satisfaction and success in their work than people whose expectations go unspoken or unrealized. And companies that employ satisfied, people reap the rewards of increased productivity and reduced turnover.


Explore 10 Key Expectations

In a typical employment situation, certain expectations — such as salary, hours, and job duties — are clearly understood by both employer and employee. Other expectations, however, are so intimately linked to an individual’s concept of work that they oftentimes go unspoken or unacknowledged.

"Managing Work Expectations & Transforming Attitudes" helps people explore 10 work expectations that impact today’s employment relationships:

  1. Recognition
  2. Autonomy
  3. Expression
  4. Career Growth
  5. Diversity
  6. Teamwork
  7. Structure
  8. Environment
  9. Balance
  10. Stability

Easy-to-use Learning Guide Delivers Immediate Results

"Managing Work Expectations & Transforming Attitudes" utilizes a 36 page self-assessment designed to help individuals uncover and explore their expectations in a variety of employment situations, including:

  • Working on a team
  • Transitioning to a new position
  • Experiencing organizational restructuring
  • Creating meaningful performance reviews
  • Making the most of the daily routine.

Key Benefits

Managing Work Expectations & Transforming Attitudes" helps people in your organization:

[Bullet] Open the door to mutual understanding

[Bullet] Identify their expectations

[Bullet] Discover which expectations they consider most important

[Bullet] Get feedback on how to communicate their expectations to others

[Bullet] Take steps to get their expectations met.

[Bullet] Adjust their expectations when appropriate

[Bullet] Improve their outlook and enhance their attitude toward work

[Bullet] Enjoy the benefits of increased job satisfaction and improved performance

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What Participants Say:

"I have a better understanding of how to approach some specific scenerios currently taking place in my work place that directly affect my day to day interaction with other associates."

"I have a "map" on some personal goals I have and how to better achieve them."

"The class was an eye opener for me to set my department expectations and to verbalize them to my department"

"I feel like this is such an important topic. The class structure is good, well designed course, lots of opportunity to participate."

"The workbook was great, and I see many uses for it. The group discussions were helpful.

"I learned that a lot of my work expectations have not been honestly communicated because of fear. I will study the workbook and put a lot of things into action.

"I was very satisfied with the class. The communication was great. We need more classes like this one.

"I enjoyed the class and learned a lot of new ideas that can help make my expectations known to those that can help meet them."

"Thank you for the wonderful and important insights. I will speak up and out."

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Three Ways to take Managing Work Expectations & Transforming Attitudes

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  2. Conduct your own workshop or we can conduct a workshop for you.
  3. Private telephone coaching sessions - includes the assessment workbook

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