"Word of the Week" Activities Video

(After watching the video read about more activities below!)

More activities you can do with the Word of the Week.

  • Describe a time when you experiences this quality.
  • Describe how this quality could be used at your office, school, or home.
  • Describe someone you admire who has this quality.
  • How would developing more of this quality improve your life?
  • On a post-it-note write three things that you will do this week to develop more of this quality. Post the note where you will see it often.
  • Use the quality as a basis of discussion at staff meetings or teaching sessions.
  • Keep a weekly journal of each quality and how you have used it.
  • Leave the WORD OF THE WEEK on your telephone answering machine.
  • Write the WORD OF THE WEEK on your outgoing mail.
  • Create a game to use with the WORD OF THE WEEK.
  • Notice when other people use this quality. Compliment them if its appropriate.
  • Reward yourself when you use this quality or do any of the above activities.


Listen to learn how workplace supervisor, Misty Pelliciotta, energizes her staff with the
"Word of the Week"

"I use the WORD OF THE WEEK every week. I attach a card with the word of the week to our supply cabinet.

I post the cards along with a sheet of paper that asks a few questions about the word. The employees then add comments on the sheet anonymously."

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Word of the Week

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