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Fire Up Your Staff On A Shoestring Budget Seminar

An Employee Morale Seminar for Managers who want Happy, Energized, and Motivated Employees

Learn How To Dramatically Improve Employee Morale – in less than 30 Days.


Group discussions

Leading the seminar

Team Spirit

Who should attend this program?

  • Business owners
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Human resource personnel

Key Benefits

[Bullet] Raise employee morale in only 30 days with little or no cost
[Bullet] Create enthusiastic, happy, and loyal employees
[Bullet] Retain quality employees
[Bullet] Learn the 3 criteria every morale boosting activity must meet to ensure its success.
[Bullet] Explore 13 categories of morale boosting ideas and activities.
[Bullet] Learn creative ways to use awards and recognition to increase performance all year long.
[Bullet] Discover why boosting morale at work isn't wasting time - it's the best investment you can make.

Seminar Agenda

Experience the difference - Live your learning
• This interactive seminar allows you to actually experience the impact of morale boosting activities.
• Participate in doing the little things that really mean a lot
What really works to motivate employees?
• Why salary increases do not create long term motivation
• Easy ways to get your employees excited about improving morale and get their creative juices flowing
Dozens of low cost rewards that can get you high dollar results
• How to use "spark plug" awards to energize your staff
• How to reward one person without making other employees feel left out
• Creative ways to use time off as a reward
How to have fun at work
• Why having fun at work is important to your bottom line
• Endless ideas for celebrations and events
• How to create contests that motivate everybody, not just the chosen few
Creative ways to show appreciation
• How to write letters of appreciation that encourage employees to go the extra mile.
• How to use appreciation to encourage cooperation when things are very hectic and stressful
How to create morale boosting teams
• Countless team activities that develop creativity, generate enthusiasm, promote personal growth, and improve employee relationships
Easy ways to implement a personal development program
• A personal development program in bite size portions
• Motivational moments that will create a positive attitude every day
• Six ways your employees can get emotional support
How to write an in-house newsletter
• Articles written by employees raise employee self-esteem and create a feeling of unity
• 20 different topic ideas your employees can either write or contribute
Create a morale boosting action plan for your company during the seminar
• What activities fit into the structure of your company?
• How much time can you allot?
• What would a realistic budget be?

Pictures From a Recent Seminar

"Getting to Know You" Bingo

Creating Spirit Teams

Making your company's "Employee Morale Action Plan"

LISTEN! to what participants say about the "Fire Up Your Staff On A Shoestring Budget" Seminar.


Dana Bechtold, Manager at Apple Tree Court Assisted Living

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Jennifer Martinez - Contract Operations Coordinator, Dallas Area Rapid Transit

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Susan Starr, HR Manager - Medallion Senior Living

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Sherrie Matyas, Manager - M & M Creations

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Jennifer Carlisle, HR Manager - Texans Credit Union

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Rita Cheek - Owner - C's Florist

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READ! about what other participants have said:

Our team really enjoyed the seminar. The books are invaluable with cute quick ideas that can easily be implemented in the office to begin making a positive difference in the employee morale area.

Jill Welsh White
MCM, Allstate Insurance

Your training and the training books are great. I've been using some of the ideas in the book for our team meetings and what used to be a session of complaints and numerous staff not showing up for the meeting has been questions of "when is our next meeting" and for the exception of two staff having previous appointments........ all staff have been at every team meeting. The things that I've learned from the training have made the world of difference in our relationships with each other as co-workers and has provided different outlets of expression instead of internalization in our high stress level jobs. - Bonnie Bash

This seminar has sparked my creativity to plan unique ways of encouraging staff to become more involved in their careers as a life style. I found the variety of ideas for involvement, and the need to recoginze and reward employees most useful. – Betty O.

I have learned many many great ideas and activities that I believe will help boost morale and retain employees. – Yolanda A.

I thought the seminar was very informative. It gave me some great ideas on how to spark morale and give "Life" to some things that I am currently doing that may have fizzled out. I hope to implement a lot of the ideas that I have learned today. – Dee R.

Very creative ideas that are practical and can be used in our office. I like the informal atmosphere and the interaction in the seminar. – A Manager

I had several people comment abut how much they like the ideas you presented. Thanks again for coming out in such bad weather and helping our organization members get the creative juices flowing. – Paula Pruet

"Very enjoyable, informative, and just what I needed to hear. I have great employees and need to let them know it"

"Wonderfully entertaining and motivating - Practical hands on suggestions!"

"Motivated me to get busy with some of these wonderful ideas. I really enjoyed it!"

"I hope to be able to apply all I have learned."

"Speaker did a great job."

"Great workshop! I'll pass it on."

"Lots of good ideas. They should be very helpful."

"My supervisors are completely fired up, and their enthusiasm has done wonders for our employees. Most of the changes we have made required creativity, a different way of looking at things, and little to no cash. We could not have made these changes without your. Thank you for helping us more forward in improving employee satisfaction." Jill Stoval

Thank you again for all the wonderful and valuable information. I'll be setting up the time for our next team meeting and will certainly be using the information. - Bonnie Bash

I enjoyed the seminar greatly. You gave me many new, innovative and fun ideas. I am going to go to your site, and look for upcoming tele seminars that you are giving. Thank You Again. - Doug Rodgers, Apex Digital, LLC, Sales / CS Manager

Schedule an in-house seminar for your company or association.

Fire Up Your Staff On A Shoestring Budget - Employee Morale Seminar

One hour, 3 hour, or all day seminar customized to your company's needs or 1 - 3 hour seminar for your association.

Bonus items:

  • One set of the Employee Morale Secrets Power Pack
  • Workbooks for your participants
  • Customization to your company's needs
  • Pre-program questionnaire and telephone interviews with key people
  • 30 minute follow up consultation immediately following the seminar
  • Lifetime phone or email follow up
  • Employee Morale Tips Newsletter for all your employees

You set the date and time and hold the seminar at your company or association.

For more information and fees send an E-mail request to harriet@confidencecenter.com or call 214-373-0080.

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