Relationship Magic Seminar

Part Of The Creating Confidence Seminar Series

Discover the Secrets of Great Professional and Personal Relationships

The most joy we get out of life comes from our relationships. However, difficult people, both at work and in our personal lives, can make our lives miserable. When you have relationship strategies as your guide, you can instantly improve your relationships and experience the joy of being connected, even with difficult people.

Who should attend this program?

  • All Employees
  • Managers and Supervisors
  • Human resource personnel
  • Teachers
  • Parents

Key Benefits

[Bullet] Learn six magic words to improve your relationships
[Bullet] Go from frustration to fascination in dealing with difficult people
[Bullet] Resolve conflicts with win-win negotiations
[Bullet] Capture the attention of people you talk to
[Bullet] Easily expand your network

Seminar Agenda

The three "C's" of effective communication
• How you can really connect with people and stay connected
• How you can get others to trust you
• How you can be sure they heard what you really meant to say
The magic of appreciation
• How to use the two magic words that energize your relationships
• Creative ways to show appreciation
• How to show appreciation to difficult people
Making relationships fun
• Why it's important to find time for fun in both work and personal relationships
• How you can enrich your relationship with magical moments
• Planning fun times with others can create the joy of anticipation
• Expanding your interests can help you develop new relationships
Conversation secrets
• What your smile means to others
• The trick of getting others to listen to you
• Who talks first? Should it be you?
• What do different tones of voice mean?
• How to use eye contact to capture attention
• How to show empathy, not sympathy
Handling criticism
• Four magic words that will diffuse any argument
• How to state your ideas or opinions so that the other person won't get defensive
• How to work out a compromise that works for both of you
How to enjoy relationships in spite of difficult people
• Learn your relationship style and why you may also be a difficult person
• How to turn frustration into fascination
• What benefit are you getting from the difficult people in your life

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What participants say about Harriet Meyerson's presentation of Relationship Magic . . .

"I enjoyed meeting you today and had a great time at the Relationship Magic seminar. I learned so much from you as well as the other participants and I thank you for bringing us together to help us better our business and personal relationships."

"I have already begun using some of the techniques that you discussed and have had great results. I am currently trying to raise money for the Arthritis Foundation and managed to get two very generous donations in the couple of hours since the seminar today by using some of techniques I learned (initiation being the first one). You're amazing! Thank you again and I look forward to signing up for another workshop." Erica Casanova

"The response was excellent. I received a lot of very positive comments following the presentation. I think it really helped to personalize the presentation and in turn, made everyone feel like you understood their relationship problems. Thanks for a great seminar." Kimberly Hilsenbeck, Price Waterhouse

"It was most helpful to have a speaker who was enthusiastic. She was very caring, listened to her audience, and responded to their needs."

"It was a lot of fun and informative."

"Most of us know a great deal about the subject of relationships, but we never spend enough time focusing on the dynamics of how we come across to others. Harriet's presentation was focused; she had an agenda and stuck with it - with a flexibility that came across as caring!"

"It was helpful to be reminded of communication skills and how important they are for all people regardless of their position. I think that implementing the "SMILE" theory will prove beneficial in my professional life as well as my personal life."

"I enjoyed the workbook and easy to follow speaker, I would love to have her again!!"

"The thing that I found most helpful was to say positive things to the people around me and stop listening to my friends complaining about their personal problems because it brings me down and puts me in a bad mood. I also learned to stop flying off the handle when I'm upset at my boss for yelling at me for no reason, by putting myself in his place and trying to understand what's going on with him at that moment."

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How to attend a "Relationship Magic" seminar

* For Information and a seminar schedule send an E-mail request to or call (800) 544-4011.

In house seminars are customized to your company, or you may attend one of our public seminars and gather additional ideas from many participants.

Our special "Train The Trainer" program allows your trainer to give this seminar to your employees.

Other seminar topics include: The Secrets Of Self-Confidence, Stress Busters, and Fire Up Your Staff On A Shoestring Budget, - or return to the Seminars page.

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